Make the most of your time and growing space by selling your products through our e-commerce platform. Clones Marketplace can connect you to the largest network of buyers in your state, and provide assistance with every order from beginning to end.

Know exactly what you’ll earn from every purchase you fulfill.
Getting started is easy.

1. Sign-up to become a Vendor.
2. Fulfill a purchase order by growing the clones ordered
within 3 weeks of the delivery date.
3. Receive payment upon completion of each purchase order.
See Payment for more details.


Delivery/ Transportation

Clones Marketplace can arrange the delivery and transportation of products by coordinating the pick-up from the Vendor’s location

Sales & Marketing

Clones Marketplace will handle all marketing and sales activities, including internet, flyers and advertisement.

Customer Service

The Clones Marketplace has chat, email, and call capacity to assist buyers and vendors.

Banking & Cash Management

Vendors will not need to handle cash because the Clones Marketplace will either pay by check, wire transfer or ACH.

California State Sales Tax

Clones Marketplace will handle tax matters (including any applicable withholding tax, if any) related to the sale through 3rd party distribution companies.



  •  Be at least 21 years of age
  •  Documents Required
    • Complete Vendor Registration Form
    • Valid nursery or cultivation license issued from your state
  •  Distribution permit and insurance if you also plan to deliver.


Vendors can decide in what form and when to receive payment for clones grown and sold.

Regular Payment Cycle: Clones Marketplace issues payment under a regular payment cycle every 25th of each month following the sale.

Immediate Request for Payment: Vendors may request payment immediately after the sale by contacting us directly (There is a 3% charge of total sale included for early payment disbursements)

Auction: Coming Soon

Vendors seeking to sell their extra clones to the highest bidder may use our platform to find an interested buyer.

Registration Form